Footloose in the foothills of California

Ha!  So delighted to have taken this step and started a blog!  I’ll be showcasing my mixed media work, pimping my shop, A. Flowers, in Jamestown California, and sharing lots of techniques and tutorials to help you add to your arsenal as a mixed media maker.  I just this minute figured out how to add text to my pictures (I’m not a techie, I’m a manipulator of color, texture, composition, images), so VERY SOON those photographic tutorials will be appearing.  Please follow the blog and add comments – lots of them, daily if you can!  Questions are welcome!  I enjoy sharing my process.  Share on whatever social media sites you enjoy.  My learning curve is pretty steep these days, but I’m hoping to add video tutorials also.  Thanks for visiting.  Come back soon.

P.S.  Remember to follow, comment, and share.  THANK YOU!


12 responses to “Footloose in the foothills of California

    • Thank you for visiting, Carrie! I’m struggling to figure out how to navigate and install everything that I want on the blog. But I hope I’ll have some tutorials up soon. I’m looking forward to your future posts and to getting to know the mixed media community here on WordPress.

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      • For a techie navigating wordpress is easy peasy but for people like us….non techie creatives it is a bit of a curve ball. I ask my hubs to do all the technical work for me and just treat him coffee after. 🙂 But don’t worry, just give yourself time to explore all the buttons and in no time you’ll be on a roll. Happy to connect with you Angelene!

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    • Oh goodness, how exciting, my first comment! First I need to figure out how to add an avatar, Sharon! Then tutorials, or maybe not, whichever comes first, I hope to make a success of blogging – something I thought I’d pretty much never do. Sigh. Ch-ch-ch-changes……….thanks for stopping by. ♥


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